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  Friends' Support for 25 years


For the past 25 years the Friends have supported the Edington Hospital in a variety of ways. In 2000 the Friends contributed £100,000 towards the cost of refurbishing the hospital. Since then the Friends have purchased a wide range of medical equipment together with furniture and furnishings and items for the use of patients.

Examples of some of the higher cost items include:

    Ultrasound Bladder Scanner £7,600     9 Electric Beds  £20,000     9 Heartstart Defibrillators  £9,500
    Air Mattress  £ 3,300     Hyrefactor (Cauterisation Machine)  £1,000     Medical Smoke Evacuator  £1,500
Spirometer  £1,200     Bed Light Fittings  £1,500     8 Bedside Television Sets  £2,600

More recent purchases by the Friends include:

    2 Cardiograph machines  £6,000     Blood Pressure Monitor  £1,100     Surgery Pod  £7,700
    Electric Wheelchair  £2,200     Furniture & Furnishings  £5,200     Vascular Assessment Monitor  £3,300

In addition, the Friends have purchased a wide range of individually less expensive items of medical equipment.



  Centenary Celebrations


In 2012 the Hospital celebrated its centenary and the Friends marked this by a number of local events. These included an exhibition showing the history of the Edington, sports events, a fun and celebration day and a service of thanksgiving and rededication. 

The Edington Hospital Centenary
2012 Floral Display in the Lodge Grounds, North Berwick