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Who are the Friends of the Edington Hospital?

The Friends operate as a Board of 11 persons.

The Committee believes that the wide range of skills and experience of its members (including personal experience as users of the Hospital!) enables it to operate effectively to deliver its charitable objectives which are:

1.   To promote the welfare of the patients and to support the staff of the Edington Hospital;
2.   To assist with facilities or equipment to enhance the performance of the Hospital;
3.   To provide amenities for patients who may be in need of help, and are cared for by the Community Nursing staff.

Board vacancies will be advertised on the website as they arise and applications will be considered from persons whose expertise and/or experience can contribute to the achievement of the above objectives. On occasions, the Committee may also consider co-opting persons to the Board for a limited period, for example, where they have a particular skill or expertise which would assist the Committee with a specific issue or project.

The Board


Murray Duncanson


  Harris Wells


David Robertson
Fiona Imrie
Katy Muir
Jeanne McNicol
Barbara Ross
Community Nurse Jenny Lyall
Nurse Linda MacDonald
Dr Claire Doldon
  Dr Gabriele Salucci

Scottish Registered Charity